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We’ve recently launched a GCC Region Nutrition Report / Label Format feature for food & beverage businesses exporting to or trading within, the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC).

The report helps businesses to ensure their compliance with the latest GSO food legislation guidelines for the region.

It provides a full nutrient table – also in the label format – with analysis of nutrients per 100g / per serving, plus % daily values per 100g / per serving.

Clients can add their own custom-named allergens to use in their ingredient list instead of/in addition to the UK/EU standard 14 allergens already highlightable. 

The ingredients, including allergens, and nutrition report data can be exported in editable text format for incorporating in product label packaging and translation to Arabic.

The GCC Nutrition Report is available in NutriCalc’s Premium Monthly and Premium Annual plans, which also include international label report formats for the UK / EU, USA, Canada, Australia / New Zealand, South Africa and Hong Kong – as well as a host of other features exclusive to these pricing plans, such as unlimited telephone support during UK Mon-Fri, 9-5 office hours. 

Take a free 7-day trial of the entry-level Professional pricing plan here, to experience using NutriCalc’s standard features, then sign up to the Premium pricing plan here, to access the GCC Nutrition Report and other additional features. 

Watch a short demo of the GCC nutrition report below:

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